Does my life have purpose?
Brian’s Story: IDENTITY

Does my life have purpose?

We are all wired for significance. We want our lives to have purpose and to make a difference.

We search for significance in the eyes of others—a partner, family, friends—or in what we achieve—a job, success etc. Sometimes they temporarily fulfil this yearning to have purpose, but often they don’t. And we are left longing for more. And even if they do, none of these things is guaranteed to last.

So we still wonder about meaning and purpose. What’s the point?

Our longings are right. We were made to be part of a bigger story. Our stories interwoven into a grand story.

When the Bible tells us that God said, “Let us make mankind in our image and in our likeness” (Genesis 1:26) this tells us that we are part of a bigger story. Not an accident or chance: but a work of art, with meaning and purpose and dignity. And that meaning and purpose is found in knowing God.

At the moment, you may not be sure that He is real, or you may feel He is far off, but if He planned long ago for you to exist, then He has planned a way for you to know Him.

Our uncertainty or purpose is because we have become disconnected from God. But God provides the answer—He sent his Son (Jesus) into the world to do all that was necessary for us to become reconnected to Him. That involved taking the blame for all our wrongs, dying on a Cross, and then rising from the dead—these are the extents God goes to to make it possible for us to reconnect to Him, to a meaning and purpose which lasts forever.  Ultimate meaning and lasting purpose are found through Jesus.

Your life has purpose—your purpose is to know God. So pursue that search for significance—tug on the thread of meaning, follow it through Jesus, and you will find the Author of your story, and The Story. 

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