So – What’s The Story?

What’s the Story 22 began as an idea to find answers to Life’s big questions (what’s the big story?) and is an initiative that is spreading across the country this autumn. Both the spiritually minded and non-religious may find this interesting. It’s also about people connecting with others on this journey: ‘What’s my story? What’s yours?’ The project’s tagline is “Finding Answers–Connecting People.” Regular people questioning, connecting, engaging & sharing together. The project has been taken up by hundreds of individuals, community groups & churches.

Why ‘Story?’

All over Ireland today, you could hear people greeting each other with ”How are you doing?” or “What’s the story?” because, at our core we are ‘people’ people.  Even our casual greeting reflects that. People have stories. And we are story-tellers, story-gatherers and story connectors. You could say that our national pastime isn’t so much as hurling or horse-racing, but as to how quickly we can connect a complete stranger to ourselves or someone we know!

We have an instinctive grasp that our small stories are part of a much bigger story. But what if they are part of a much bigger story again—one that gives answers to the big questions of life? That’s what many people in Ireland have discovered—finding meaning, purpose, hope and answers as they’ve explored the Big Story. We have found 6 individuals who were willing to share their personal stories on camera and are featured on our website and YouTube channel: 

Aims: Tackling Tough Issues & Connecting People

A main objective of the What’s the Story 22 project is helping people find answers to hard questions about life and also discover what we as Irish people value, where we find hope, what our purpose is. Questions about spirituality, evidence, truth, and even if Christianity is more of a problem or solution in all this. Where can we turn when things go wrong? Is there hope in the face of Death?

Another aim of What’s the Story? is to connect people with local communities and churches around the country who have explored these questions and want to open up spaces for people to come and question, connect, engage, and share.

You can find more resources on this website with the ‘Big 6 Questions’ section and In Depth ‘Answers Series’, where you can watch videos and read about some of these questions, and also find information on how you can connect with events happening in your local area.

Who We are:

What’s the Story? is run by many volunteers around the country and is proud to be a force for positive transformation. We formed a committee to run the initiative and have been delighted with the support of hundreds of people, community groups and churches who have contributed to this crowdfunded project.

Thanks to the many volunteers and to committee members: Peter (Dublin), Mayke & Cornel (Midlands), Donald (Antrim), Nick (Drogheda), John (Clare), Isabel (Waterford), Paudge (Mayo) & David (Dublin).

The committee and the groups participating in the project come from a diverse range of church backgrounds (many smaller, less known churches) but are united on core christian & biblical values.

Feel free to contact us on:

[email protected]

or phone David on: 089 4637021